About Us

About the Owners

For years, Dan has dreamed of being the ‘Ice Cream Man’! In the past few years, Dan, Tammy and Caroline began talking about how exciting and fun it would be to own an ice cream truck, to create memorable experiences for our community!

The name “Sweet Caroline’s Ice Cream Truck” came about from our daughter, Caroline. The Sweet Caroline’s brand started a few years ago when, collecting sap from our neighborhood trees, we boiled down and produced our own maple syrup! See “Sweet Caroline’s Small Batch Maple Syrup”

After searching heavily online, we finally found a truck in Port Huron, Michigan. We quickly purchased it. This truck is a 1999 Grumman Olson. It was very well maintained and was used by a small remodeling company. After driving home to Portage, plans and ideas began flowing and we quickly started removing the interior work shelves and the side panel lettering. Next, with the help of local businesses, the logo fell into place. We began the process of piecing together a nostalgic looking ice cream truck.


With the music box, freezers, lights, mechanical updates and onboard power source in place, it was time to surprise family and friends with this most unique ice cream truck and the Michigan-owned ice cream bars we chose.

We look forward to driving through our neighborhoods, and want to provide our services for special family and corporate events. We are happy to talk with you about bringing our Sweet Caroline’s Ice Cream Truck to your special occasion! Contact us via our FB, instagram, our website or call / text us.

“Like us” & “Follow” and stay connected for updates on our daily driving routes and event dates….hope to see you all soon.